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Project Description


Truly said as development of a country depends upon its educational development, therefore a school carries the utmost responsibility to create citizens of strong character with positive thinking backed up by time tested values. The great value to be fostered is to receive education for life not for living. This is why The S.D. Public School is not the name of a building rather a workshop to create recipients who strongly believe in the words of Dr. A.P.J. Kalam & keep their eyes open to see dreams and learn to make them true by diving deep into the world of Art, Skill & Wisdom to prove their mettle with the belief- ‘I CAN DO & I WILL DO’ and facilitators- our teachers support and spread this light of knowledge and power of confidence like a candle that burns to light others.

Let the feeling of ‘Give & Take’ be nurtured unconditioned & transformed into an equitable society with proven association & support of every stake-holder.


Conquest I.Q. Olympiad will be held on

School Coordinator

  • Date of first round :- Contact to school coordinator

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